Argos Leeds - Tarkett Vinyl Plank & Forbo Linoleum



argos 2

Moto Services - Polyflor Expona Commercial Vinyl Plank

moto services

Sainsburys Cafe - Tarkett Mixonomi

sainsburys cafe

National Space Centre - Burmatex Tivoli Carpet Tiles

national space centre

Elsworth Primary School - Modullyss Carpet Tiles & Polyflor Vinyl

elsmsworth primary school

Council Office Hallway - Project Floor Herringbone Vinyl Plank

office herringbone hallway

Domestic Project - Polyflor Expona Commercial Vinyl Tiles


Domestic Project - Polyflor Expona Design

domestic kitchen floor

Older Projects

Moreton Morrell College (Bagnalls)
Warwickshire – Supplied and installed over 300.00m2 of Burmatex Tivoli carpet tiles to include installation and Gradus nosings to 4 no staircases. Various sub floor preparation works comprising of 5mm of smoothing compound and 6mm plywood were carried out. 
Children & Young People Family Centres (Various) 
Leicestershire – Supplied and installed between 40.00m2 – 150.00m2 to each site of Polyflor slip resistant vinyl to include uplift, dispose and up to 5mm of smoothing compound. Some areas were capped and coved. Installed on behalf of Leicester City Council in conjunction with the ESPO contract
Sainsburys Cafes (Simpson York Ltd)
Supplied and installed Altro Suprema (between 150.00m2 & 250.00m2) with inset walkways in a different colour with Tarkett Mixonomi to counter areas. Sub floor preparation works included to either supply and install 6mm plywood or to supply and install a 3mm flexible wood screed.
Mercedes Benz Grand Prix (Bromley Hays Ltd)
Brackley – Supplied and installed over 700.00m2 of Norament Satura rubber tiles and over 100.00m2 of Shaw contract plank carpet tiles. A lot of sub floor preparation work was required including supplying and installing between 3mm – 25mm of smoothing compound with some deep filling to channels of up to 70mm.
Pukka Pies (Directly to Pukka Pies)
Leicester – Supplied and installed over 500.00m2 of Polyflor Expona vinyl plank to various offices and corridors to include uplift and dispose of the existing and applying up to 5mm of smoothing compound. 
Brookvale/Groby Academy (Installed directly for the academy)
Leicestershire – Supplied and installed 600.00m2 of Polyflor Polysafe slip resistant vinyl to 7 no laboratories which included uplifting the existing and applying up to 5mm of smoothing compound complete with entrance mats.
Nissin UK (Surman Ltd)
Rugby – Supplied and installed 700.00m2 of CFS Modena carpet tiles to office spaces with minor sub floor preparation works. Works also included to supply and install over 250.00m2 of Altro Walkway slip resistant vinyl, cap and coved to various areas with preparation works of applying up to 5mm of smoothing compound. 
Sainsburys Cambridge (Simpson York Ltd)
Supplied and installed over 900.00m2 of Polyflor Palletone vinyl tiles including approximately 200.00m2 of applying up to 5mm of smoothing compound. Some uplifts and supplying and installing Gradus sit on skirting as required. A particularly challenging project due to the restricted hours (11.30pm – 6.00am) and installation around most of the racking.
Taylor Road Primary School Leicester (For Leicester City Council and direct to the school)
Over the past 18 months we have installed Burmatex carpets tiles to many classrooms and communal areas including cutting stars into the reception by hand. We have also installed­­­ Tarasafe and Polysafe vinyl in to the classroom wet areas and the staffrooms to include all sub floor preparation works.
Beales Mansfield (Mentha & Hallsall)
Installed Project Flooring vinyl plank to approximately 800m2 to the shop floor, out of hours to keep the shop trading throughout. This included major sub floor preparation works.
Odstone Hall (Harbot Builders Ltd)
Leicestershire – Installed free issue solid 22mm Oak to approximately 200m2 of ground floor accommodation. Approximately 40.00m2 installed on battens as a sprung floor with the other areas adhered to the sub floor. A lot of preparation work was required including a 2 coat surface damp proof membrane and smoothing compounds between 3mm – 10mm. 
George Eliot Hospital Nuneaton (Stapletons Shopfitters)
Installed Polyflor slip resistant and smooth vinyl to include cap and cove to the perimeter walls including protein free screed and low voc adhesives.
Homebase Inverness (Homebase direct)
Install Project floors vinyl plank, out of hours to include all sub floor preparation works.
Morrisons Ealing Broadway (Simpons York ltd)
Installed Altro including cap and cove to many areas including staircases with new stairnosing installed to the staircases.
Elsworth School (Cambridge)
To supply and install 120.00m2 of Modullys Alpha carpet tiles including 8.00m2 of Altro Walkway vinyl and 4.00m2 of Forbo Coral Brush entrance matting. Works included 3mm of smoothing compound and edging strips.
North Luffenham School (Rutland)
To supply and install 160.00m2 of Modullys First carpet tiles including 60.00m2 of Polyflor Affinity vinyl plank and 4.00m2 of Forbo Coral Brush entrance matting. Works included 3mm of smoothing compound and edging strips.
Ricoh Arena (For the Ideal Group)
Installed Polyflor Polysafe vinyl, Milliken carpet tiles, Accoustic underlay and Jaymart artificial grass to the changing rooms, Directors box, warm up room and physio’s rooms.